I’m delighted that the just-completed The Heart of Tchaikovsky course at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts drew such an enthisiastic response. Here are a few of the many compliments that the classmembers wrote:
What a lot of time, work and organization Don Anderson dedicated to selecting and perfectly cueing recordings, selecting readings from biographies, and melding the lectures, the historical information and the musical selections each week to give a balanced, complete, relevant and informative whole, with the inclusion of less familiar works to expand the musical experiences of his students. Thank you so much, Don, for all the advanced thinking, planning, presentation and organization. I’m looking forward to Mendelssohn!
All of the sessions were helpful, Don Anderson shares his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm with all chosen music, all tied together in a wonderful experience for all of us who are fortunate enough to attend!
Don’s readings from the letters, etc. and his explanations of themes or other salient points in the pieces we listen to. Also the use of varied media for instruction and informing us is very helpful. For the given time, nothing more could have been included as Don makes use of every moment and keeps the class moving along right on schedule. Length of course was very suitable and I enjoyed the add-ons, the afternoon Margot Fonteyn film and the Nutcracker Remix. We are given the info early so we can make whatever arrangements may be necessary.