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I’m delighted that the recently completed Legendary Musicians course at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts earned high marks from the class members. They rated it at 89% “excellent” for overall impression, and 93% “excellent” for me personally. My sincere thanks to you all. Here are some samples from the students’ comments.

The best course yet – incredible insight into very special talents.
The best course you’ve ever done!!
Most enjoyable: To my surprise, the thing I enjoyed the most was the generous visuals, but even then I never wanted any of the sessions to end. With Don Anderson we are in superior hands. It seems to me I am surrounded by musically knowledgeable people, but for me this course was heaven – it brought me to tears of joy and sorrow.
I’ve taken a number of these music appreciation courses with Don. This one was the most engaging and entertaining to date. Loved the Pavarotti films and music!
Don does such a wonderful job of presenting the course material that I can’t think of a single thing that could be improved upon. I come to all of Don’s courses and I have never been disappointed in any way. I continue to be amazed at how knowledgeable he is and how thoroughly he researches his material. Tuesday mornings are the highlight of my week!
Excellent – Don’s presentation is absolutely first-rate in all that he offers. Please keep these valuable series going. We are indeed fortunate to have Don Anderson here in Winnipeg. All his courses are extremely informative and stimulating in our musical lives.
Don has continually presented superb programs. Each one is extremely well planned and executed. Don is very knowledgeable and goes to a lot of trouble to present a wonderful program. He has certainly expanded our knowledge and appreciation of the world of music.

Watch for another Legendary Musicians course during the 2012-2013 season!